Dec. 26th, 2013

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Almost forgot about this because of the holidays. Haha.

Merry Christmas everyone. ♥

I just brushed through the chapter. I haven't really read-read it. I will later, when I wake up. lol (Currently 2:44AM.)

WARNINGS: Foul language, all caps, spoilers--but not as much as usual :D )

Summed up, I would sooooo love it if this game keeps on showing Mizutani moments. ♥ He needs to shine. ;A; I hope he gets to prove his worth in this game, and if not, it'll be super interesting if Nishihiro comes in. Hehehehehehehe. :3

I've also read ONE PIECE 733 already. OH MY GODDDDD I cannot predict _AT ALL_ who won D Block. I still hope it's Cavendish, but whatever. ;A;
Sabo. ♥ I wonder what rumors he was talking about. o: I'm guessing the D Block winner is a character we haven't been fully introduced to yet. :D


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